How to Win Tough Realities of Married Life


This e-book offers bits of what I learned from my marriage in this relatable e-book “Newlywed Combats: How To Win Tough Realities of Married Couples”.



With experience in all the ups and downs I as a newlywed faced through different phases of marriage, this e-book provides you the most efficient, progressive, couple-focused solutions available.


Here you can find ways to deal with

…honeymoon trials
…arrival of the baby
…in-laws; and

…how to make your marriage work out as you take responsibility of each other.


I believe that you don’t have to suffer from all the conflicts most newlyweds face.


But if you do, I can equip you to deal with healthy conflicts wherein both the wife and the husband end up loving each other more despite all the differences.







This e-book’s mission is grounded in two central recognitions:


First, that newlyweds are two people in love and still learning to love and accept each other throughout the marriage; and


Second, the tools for keeping your marriage alive exist in the conflicts that surround the two of you – conflicts that allow you to uphold each other and develop stronger mutual understanding.


Whatever journey your marriage may take you to, this e-book is dedicated to guiding you with helpful tips.


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